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A bit about us

In a letter to Anarchist Support, Mathew Lamont said "it is important for revolutionaries to maintain solidarity internationally, as obviously global capitalism is international. Rampage 2002

Established in the summer of 2002, Anarchist Support have been distubuting free educational liteiture to various prisoners in Ireland, England and Europe. We have Supported families and the prisoners themselves, financially as as morally. We also write to many comrades in America, and some good relationships have emerged. As Activists, we live, fight and hope that one day we will all rise in revolt, but until that time, we are ALL facing the very grim realities, because one wrong move under the ever watchfull eye of the state, we will be imprisoned and will receive very little support from the wider anarchist community. Now is the time to educate our movement and understand that supporting prisoners and working towards the abolishment of the prison system is at the very heart of our movement.

If you would like to help or join the Dublin APS then cantact us at:
Anarchist Prisoner Support c/o PO Box 3355, Dublin 7 Ireland