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Brian McC|arvill

Brian McCarvill is a radical social prisoner, who is currentley involved in a lawsuit against Oregon Department of Corections (ODOC), challenging their censorship and rejection of anarchist publicashions

Anarchists are viewed as a gang or security threat group (STG) within ODOC. The circle A symbol is considered to be a STG symbol and so many radical publications are rejected by ODOC mailroom staff on this basis.

To compliment Brians legal efforts, a postcard campain was orginised by allies on the outside. The postcards featured the anarchist circle A and the message 'this is not a gang symbol'. These postcardss were sent in to Rob Thaxton and Brian, ODOC was to put both men into the Disaplinary Segregation Unit (the hole) of Oregon State Penitentiary.

Brians court case is expected to be very long and drawn out, in his words, ?i will be challenging the classification of anarchism as an STG, the over-broadness of this classification and why there is no procedual due process vehicle in place to challenge, meaningful or otherwise, this unilatiral classification. I will be challenging the rejection based soley upon the symbol 'circle A' and Anarchist Black Cross'. I will also challenge the denial of substantive due process where mail is rejected for STG content' without identifying why that content deserves rejection. Lastly i will be challengeing the conversion of my own personal property in the form of the rejected mail / publications.?

Anyone caring to coment to the court on these issues may do so by writting to the court, care of Brian.

Courtcases are expensive, evenmore so because Brian has lost his job since he has been in the hole. Brian and Rob are fighting for the anarchist movement and for prisoners access to radical perspectives and so it is imperitive that the outside movment supports them.

Any donations, no matter how small are URGENTLY needed. Money orders or cashier checks only made out to:
The prison of Brian McCarvill #11037967
and sent to:
Central Trust
PO Box 1440,
97309-5077, USA