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Jrffery Luers


On the night of June 16th 2002, Jeffery 'Free' Luers and Craig 'Critter' Marshell, fire damaged three vehicles in the Romainia Chevolet car lot in Oregon. The cost of the damage to the vehicles was around $28,000. Their action was planned to cause no harm to any human life and indeed no one was injured. Their action was inspiered by their simple desire to do something to prevent, what they consider to be, the continuing destruction of the global enviroment.

Free is currently filing for an appeal and is asking people to write letters to the Attorney General in Oregon in support of this appeal. You can download a sample letter from 

this appeal is to make that Free does not spend the next 22 years in prison. Please trake a few minutes to write a letter on Free's behalf. make sure to include the appeal No a return address, and please be poite.

Free also needs letters, please write to him at:

Jeffery Luers



2605 State St