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Rob Thaxton

On ssept, 3rd, 1999, Rob Los Ricos was sentenced to 7 years on chardges of Assalt and Riot, after a Reclaim the Streets party in Eugene, U.S.A.

The judge used Rob to make an example of, and sentenced him to a mandatory minimum of 5 years for Assault and stacked 2 years riot chardges ontop, making Robs sentence 7 years in all.

Rob has continued his struggle whilst in prison and along with his supporters formed the Anarchist Prisoners Legal Aid Network (APLAN), a resource sharing and communication network for incarcerated anarchists.

Also Rob has produced many prison writtings, incuding 'Rob the Rich' and 'Fuck You Bearden'.

Rob and his cellmate Brian McCarvill were behind the circle A 'this is not a gang symbol' postcard campain and as i write this, Rob is still in solitary confinment due to it.

Rob needs our support - solitary confinment is not a fun place to be. Rob is unable to work whilst in the 'hole', so any donations would be appreciated. He does not even have his guitar to pass tim

Rob Thaxton #12112716
OSP. 2605 State St,
Salem, OR 97310 USA

Send donations (checks or money orders ) to 'Rob Los Ricos' POB 50634, Eugene, OR 97405.