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Environmental activist Craig 'criiter' Marshall is serving five years for causing around $28,000 fire damage to three vehicles in a Oregon car lot. No one was harmed in the incident and at least two of the vehicles suffered only cosmetic damage and are now back in full working order. Whilst in prison Craig penned this following piece which we feel is worth repeating here.


"Before starting this short rant, i want to address the fact that i am probably going to piss off and alienate some of the 'supporters' i have by writing this. Tough shit. The reason I'm writing this is not to make friends, it is to make people think. If you get offended by what i have got to say, there is probably a reason beyond that I'm just an asshole, but that is a title i will gladly accept if this gets even one person to expand their efforts toward actually putting ecocidal co-operarions out of business for good.

There are many people out there who call themselves 'supporters' of the ALF, ALF, Earth First, or any of the other groups doing direct action. But if all these supporters out there only support from outside the movement, they are doing little more than pacifying their conscions. Solidarity Means Attack.

Solidarity is defined in my cheap ass prison dictionary as "a unity of interests among a group" and 'unity' is defined as "singleness of purpose and action". If someone states that they are in solidarity with myself or other ecologically motivated saboteurs, that singleness of purpose is to stop the destruction of the many different life forms that share this planet with us. So if one is truly in solidarity with us, (s)he does not sit around talking about how much they support direct action, (s)he gets their hands dirty and takes action. I do not consider wearing some environmental groups T-shirt or simply stating that one supports direct action as solidarity. The ecocidal forces destroying life on this planet need to be taken out, and talking is just not going to do it. The dissemination of news of actions can be a valuable tool, the kind of thing that inspires action. But, it is action that will bring the system to its knees while those who ONLY speak of support continue to live on their knees giving fellatio to the masters by perpetuating the myth that we are are all free because we can say that we support direct action.

Talk is not enough, it is not even close - if there were as many people swinging hammers in the forest as thereare people running chainsaws, those chainsaws would not be running long. I have heard some supporters of direct action say that direct action and sabotage are not for everyone, well, why the fuck not? When i have raised this question in the past, my 'white male privilege' has been raised as an issue. Though this may be a valid point, some people seem to be more interested in painting fingers than confronting privilege (though i shroud not call it privilege but stupidity) that allows them to sit back in relative comfort, while allowing, through their inaction, life form after life form, to be eradicated. Talking about supporting direct action and sabotage just is not going to cut it.This is not about competition, it is not about who has monkey wrenched more machinery or who has liberated more lab animals, it is about the fact that if we all do not start doing something soon then we are all fucked. It is not about one or two or two hundred endagered species that you did not give enough of a fuck about to spur you into action. It is about the whole web of life and how your inaction is tantamount to your condoning the natural worlds destruction.

To put this into simpler terms - every life form on this planet is on the road to extinction that is paved by the human race, and you are to blame if you do not do something drastic to stop civilizations destructive course. Solidarity is not just a word to throw around to make you feel like you belong. Solidarity means attack."

Write to Craig Marshell at:
Craig Marshell #13797662,
777 Stanton Blvd,
or 97914 U.S.A.