Kilrish Circuit Court Dublin Anarchist Prisoner Support
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Prisoner Support

This is the Home Page of the Dublin Anarchist Prisoner Support group

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Irish Anti-War News

Last updated 23/7/03

Court Dates

The number of people aressted for anti-war activites in the Republic are thought to be about 60, a provisonal list can be found on idymedia at This Page . As far as we know the next court appearance for anti-war activites are as follows:

25th July - pit-stop ploughshares, in Dublin, meet 9:00am at the spike - Dress in Black

October - Eoin Dubsky, the celebrated airplane painter. At the moment we have no trial date, but it is expected to go ahead in the Kilrish Circuit Court. Any money donations to help him fight this appeal can be sent to:
Eoin Dubsky
Not Guilty Dept.
Co. Wexford

If you can go along and show your support, then please do so, but please bear in mind the wishes of the defendants, its there day not yours

If you have any other dates you feel need mention mail us


Shannon Solidarity

for the others, the fines are starting to role in for those charged protesting agianst the war in Iraq. some people hae recived fines of unbelivable amounts, so need finacial support, the Shannon Solidarity Fund, was set up for this purpose so send your donations to it PLEASE!!

Donate to the mass direct action defendants, cheques made out to
'Shannon Solidarity'
c/o Ecology Society,
Students Center,
Money can be sent to the bank of Ireland in NUIG, Newcastle Galway.
Account No: 89174196
Sort Code: 9040198
Account Name; Shannon Solidarity.

Pit Stop Ploughshares

The Pit Stop PLoughshares have recived the backing of Actor Martin Sheen (he plays the president of the US in the telly prog 'west wing') but they could also do with your help, their court case is going to cost, big time. so please send your donations to:

Donate to the Ploughshares Defence Fund by making checks out to:
'Peace and Reconciliation'
c/o Ploughshares
134 Phibborough Rd,
Dublin 7

mail us

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