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Prisoners Area

Prisoners Campains & Prisoners Writings

Here we will be highlighting Prisoners and any campains that they are running, and providing an outlet for prisoners witting, while they are inside. We will also feature other Campains, which may be run from the outside, which may directly effect prisoners or the prisons themselves.

Needles to say the info in this area is only as good as the info we have, so if anything is out dated Tell Us

Prison Campains

Type for Harold Typeing Equipment has been taken of the prisoners 'approved property list', read the article to find out how you can help.
Brian Maccarvill transfered News Has reached us from APLAN that Brian MacCarvill has been transfered. This can be seen as nothing more than a retalotory strike against Brian for the succesful 'circle A' campian and his groundbreaking court case against the ODOC. Please help this prisoner by the methods mentioned in the the APLAN call
Free Free Campain in support of Jeffery Luers case for appeal
Free in the Hole Free has been punished for writting an arcticle. Seending Political prisoners to 'the hole' seems to be becoming the only way ODOC know how to react. Please send in your letters of protest and try and end this 'knee jerk' treatment of poeple.
Campain against Prison Slavery Help Stop the state endorsed slavery!!!!


A recently compiled list of North american Anarchist and other Political prisoners can be veiwd here, warning it is partialy unformated at the moment.
Brian MacCarvill Recently transfered in retaliation for his 'circle A' success. (see campians above)
Rob Thaxton
Ali Khalid Abdullah

Prison Writings

Solidarity Means Attack Provokative peice by Enviromentalist prisoner Craig Marshedll.

APLAN (Anarchist Prisoner's Legal Aid Network) Have a book out entitled 'The defiant' ! It Contains prisoners works and other items.
it can be obtained through the www here 'The defiant' It Cost 5 euro a pop.